About Smokey Fred

Smokey Fred is a 2nd generation native Californian.  When asked about his first memories of BBQ, he said that as a kid, growing up in South Los Angeles, he would be at his grandmother’s house on Sunday afternoons and was drawn by the aroma coming from next door at the Johnson family BBQ.  In particular it was the sweet smell of their family recipe BBQ sauce.  

At the age of 17, he enlisted in the United States Navy.  He spent his 18th birthday in Boot camp in San Diego, after which he was stationed at NAS Memphis, in Tennessee.  While in Tennessee, he got his second and “real” introduction to Southern BBQ.  As he drove though the Pan Handle on his way to his next post at NAS Miramar in California, he enjoyed authentic Texas BBQ.  He never experienced beef BBQ and was immediately hooked.

Years later, Smokey Fred’s career took him to Kansas City where he again found himself in one of America’s great BBQ regions.  Ever since, BBQ has been a passion of his and he continuously found reasons to prepare BBQ for friends and family.  Fred would spend hours every weekend perfecting his BBQ skills and smoking processes.  In fact he’s been known to have multiple (as many as six) smokers in his backyard at any one time. Often times, the neighbors would comment on the wonderful aromas coming from his backyard and ask him what he had in his smoker on that particular day.

In 2011, Smokey Fred was asked to provide BBQ for the fundraising events of a local nonprofit that fed the homeless.  This was his first experience cooking for large groups of people…and they loved it!

Life took an unfortunate turn in 2012 when he was in a very serious car accident that closed the door on his career in renewable energy.  With the closing of that door, another door opened to the opportunity to realize a lifelong dream of opening a small family BBQ joint.    And so, the Smokey Fred’s BBQ adventure began.

When you come to Smokey Fred’s BBQ, you are coming to a small, hole in the wall, mom n pop BBQ joint.  In fact his friends and family refer to it as “The Shack.”   Smokey Fred pulls from all 4 regions of BBQ:  Carolina, Kansas City, Memphis and Texas style.  All his meats are dry rubbed and cooked low and slow.  All of his side dishes are homemade and the potato salad is an old family recipe.  Smokey Fred is very passionate about his BBQ and you’ll be certain to realize it when you take your first bite.
129 E Collins Ave
Orange, Ca 92867
(714) 393-4900